About Ember and Flow Handmade

Sophie Ness, the artist behind Ember and Flow Handmade, draws inspiration from her travels and from the natural world to create one-of-a-kind jewelry in her Cleveland studio. She appreciates both the structure and the fluidity that are found in nature and enjoys incorporating these elements into every piece that she makes. Her current collection focuses heavily on pebbles from Lake Erie and uses 100% recycled sterling silver.

In Sophie’s words,

My inspiration comes from many places, but primarily from my mom’s house, which is basically a museum with cats running around in it. She’s an artist and an antique collector--mostly jewelry, textiles, and sculptures--so I’ve always been surrounded by the most amazing textures and colors and examples of craftsmanship that I get to draw from when conceptualizing any design.

Apart from my mom’s collection of treasures, I get most of my design ideas from actual stones I see in real life. I’ll see a stone or a piece of wood or metal and just know exactly how I want to wear it, right there on the spot. Then I get to go home & turn on my torch & try to make it happen.

My whole life I’ve collected special rocks that I find wherever I go. Some are literally stones from the ground, some are faceted gemstones from a shop. But each one of them is one that I felt a connection with, and saw a way I wanted to make it wearable. Any element that I use in my pieces is one that I just got a bit obsessed with and couldn’t *not* wear.